Ultimate is made up of a group of friends/raiders who have been raiding since Vanilla WoW on Sargeras Alliance. Ultimate was formed in 2008 in hopes of creating a competitive, constructive, positive, team oriented atmosphere to progress efficiently through the game's newest content. While raiding is the guild's first priority, the guild partakes in all aspects of World Of Warcraft. We are ALWAYS recruiting players who can make our raids and perform mechanics while putting out impressive numbers. Vanilla players may remember our previous name as Lux Aeterna, with current members from guilds on Sargeras such as Imperial Order, Nexus, Anonymous, Righteous Fury, Aeternus Censura, The Zerg, and I Fell Off My Dinosaur. 

If you are interested and would like more information apply here or please contact our leadership at the following:
Zuh#1820 , Silicom#1102 , Omegag#1166

Emerald Nightmare: 7/7Normal, 7/7Heroic, 4/7Mythic
Trials of Valor: 3/3Normal, 2/3Heroic
NightHold: 10/10Normal, 10/10Heroic

Nighthold Rankings

Here is a screen shot on our world rankings for normal EN kills at the release of the raid content. 

Top 20 World Normal Legion
Our current raiding schedule is as follows: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12PM - 3PM CST/Sargeras Server Time. (THIS IS DAYTIME) 
While we are not raiding, the guild typically does achievement runs that are scheduled via the in-game Calendar, mythic dungeons, mount runs, and PVP. 

We currently use EPGP with a weekly decay of 20% to both EP and GP. (This ensures that players can not hoard points, quit, come back, then take loot). If you are not familiar with the EPGP loot system, please read more at http://www.epgpweb.com/help/system 
We ALLOW Trials to take loot in our raids, the priority of loot that will be given = Core Raiders > In Guild Trials > Out of Guild Trials. 

We award our guildies for being prepared: If you sign up to our guild events on the in-game calendar and are in raid at least 15 minutes early you will get an EP Bonus. If you stay for the entire raid, and make all AFK checks you will get an EP bonus. There is also a non-manditory weekly Guild Donation that grants an EP bonus as well (this can only be done once per week) 
Lastly, we offer a monthly EP bonus for those who donate to the guild Paypal fund which pays for raffles and administration fees. (This can only be completed once per month)

We are currently using and testing the Curse chat communication program which can be found at: https://www.curse.com/